Axelar Foundation is a nonprofit established to support the growth and adoption of the Axelar network, a decentralized interoperability platform that serves multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Axelar is the programmable Web3 interoperability platform, connecting over 50 blockchains via a secure, scalable network – internet infrastructure for the world’s next super app. Via integrations ranging from Uniswap to Microsoft, Axelar network enables scalable cross-chain solutions. Users interact with any asset in one click. Developers span multiple blockchains as though building on one, supported by a simple API and a permissionless ecosystem of tools and service providers. Backers include Binance, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Galaxy and Polychain. See what full-stack interoperability can do for your dApp.

Staking on Axelar Network

Axelar network security

Axelar security is powered by a combination of:
- Proof-of-stake decentralized design at the core.
- Novel quadratic voting mechanism increases decentralization of the network.
- Validator security policies, such as mandatory key rotations.
- Network functions that enable mitigation of malicious interconnected chains [suspend traffic from them].
-Contract limits that specify how much can be transferred over a time period.
- Rigorous audits & bug bounties.

How to stake

Security, like everything on Axelar network, is decentralized and permissionless. Learn how you can participate as a validator, staker or node operator.

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